What type of Bushfire Report do I need?

Posted by Nathan Peart on Jul 4, 2019 4:45:31 PM

Bushfire Report

The most commonly requested bushfire report is the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment. While this is where we, as bushfire consultants will start, it is not always the end. It is important to know, before the process starts, what level of bushfire consultation will be required so that you can understand:

  1. The costs involved;
  2. the time frame;
  3. if there will be any compliance issues; and
  4. what council will expect from you.

It is painful when you think you have all the documentation ready, submit it to council, and find that there is something missing and the process has to start all over again. Or worse, you find out your project can't meet the bushfire regulations at all.

That is where Sustainability WA and Bushfire Smart can help. Making sure your project stays on track no matter what report is required. Some of the common bushfire reports we can take care of are:

  • Bushfire Attack Level(BAL) report / BAL Rating
  • Bushfire Management Plan (BMP)
  • BAL Contour Plan
  • Vulnerable Use sign off
  • Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan(BEEP)

We will look at your project and let you know what bushfire reports will be required, costings, and time frames. We will also tell you if we see any difficulties with complying right at the start. Helping minimise the uncertainty of your projects compliance.

Want to know what report you are likely to need? We have created a chat bot which should be popping up at the bottom right of the screen. It will ask you a few simple questions and tell you what bushfire report you will require.

Of course if you would like to talk to us direct, we would be more than happy to take your call, or receive your email.

You can also send us your plans here and we will get back to you with feedback, absolutely free!


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